Lehigh Acres Real Estate

Lehigh Acres, Florida
Lehigh Acres real estate is located in Lee County, Florida.  This is a close knit community that everyone loves, and offers a hometown feel with an estimated 33,000 residents.  Lehigh Acres is a huge, preplatted subdivision of 60,000 acres marked by miles and miles of interconnecting streets.  The community is twenty minutes from the Southwest Regional Airport and fifteen miles southeast of Fort Myers.

The community takes pride in its small hometown spirit and  traditional family values, which all residents cherish.  The town is made up of retiree families and young families, with their number one reason for coming here being the security and sense of family.  They also come for the affordable housing.  

You will find lovely homes in Lehigh Acres real estate that range from the high $200s for a condo or town home to beautiful homes on the golf course in the high $500s.  The average home price is $250,000.

~History of Lehigh Acres

Lehigh Acres was built after World War II and was the first retirement community to be established in Florida.  The community really got its start in the mid 50s, as Lee Ratner, a businessman from Chicago needed a tax shelter.  After Ratner sold his pest control business he was faced with losing the majority of his money to high capital gains tax.  

After hearing that cattle was a good investment for someone in his position, Ratner bought 18,000 acres of land in the east section of Lee County.  He named it Lucky Lee Ranch.  He ranched for a while, but later decided to try his hand in development.  Ratner joined forces with a real estate businessman in California, Edward Shapiro, a Chicago CPA, Manuel Riskin, and a Florida advertising executive, Gerald Gould, and started selling land lots in Lehigh Acres.

Lehigh Acres real estate began in 1954 with Gerald Gould as the corporation president, until 1972 when the company was sold.  The Community Redevelopment Agency started improvement projects in 1992.

Now Lehigh Acres covers over 100 square miles of what was once pasture land.  There is 152,000 lots, which are half-acre and quarter acre lots with over 1,000 miles of roads.   The lots along Lee Boulevard and Homestead Road are used for commerce.

~Lehigh Acres Education

Lehigh Acres is served by the Lee County School District.  There are five elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools that serve the community of Lehigh Acres.  There is also one private school in the area.

The district is dedicated to the highest potential of each student and boasts great schools with great programs.  The district is one of the largest in the United States.  A School Board and Superintendent has leadership of the school district, which proudly educates over 80,000 students.

~Fun things to do in Lehigh Acres

Lehigh Acres offers many sports programs such as football, soccer, baseball and basketball for the youth.  There are several indoor and outdoor activities available.  With wonderful temperatures year round, getting outdoors is easy and fun with lakes for boating, swimming, fishing, parks, walking trails, four 18-hole championship golf courses and just forty minutes away, you can enjoy beaches, boating and fishing.  The parks offer picnic areas, BBQ pits, pavilions and playground facilities.

The community also has all the amenities you can ask for.  There are movie theaters, restaurants, shopping centers, super markets, a Super Wal-Mart, a nursing home, medical plazas and a hospital for the convenience of all Lehigh Acres residents.

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