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Each Cape Coral course has been given a rating of A, B or C.  The grade has been determined by either myself or fellow players based upon our own personal experiences playing them.

A Courses: These are first class courses that are well maintained with a good degree of difficulty for the average player and worthy of the drive to play.
B Courses: These courses are In good shape and a little easier to play, but you might not want to play them more than once a season.
C Courses: These courses are ones you might want to play because they are close by, inexpensive and easy, but not really memorable.

I am always looking to keep this information as up-to-date and accurate as possible.  Please e-mail me or call for more detailed information on prices for homes, fees and availability on the Cape Coral real estate below and all the rest!





Palmetto Pines
1940 SW 9th Court
Cape Coral, FL
18 holes, private



Coral Oaks
1800 NW 28th Ave
18 holes, public

Royal Tee
11460 Royal Tee Circle
Cape Coral, FL
27 holes, semi-private
Jerry Hubbard
Jerry Hubbard
13640 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy 3045 Estero Blvd.Fort Fort Myers FL 33901